Welcome to our WDMGC New Members!
  • Harry Mueller III of Northville, MI
    • 1963 Red MGB
  • Matthew Dunn and Kristyn McClain of Clarkston, MI
    • 1973 Spruce Green Midget
    • 1969 Red A-H Sprite
  • Greg Bogdanski of Hartland, MI
    • 1967 Buggatti Blue MGB
    • 1970 Yellow MGB GT
  • Darrell Harding of Dearborn, MI
    • 1979 Blue MGB
  • Mike Nestell of Frankenmuth, MI
    • 1949 Black MG YT
  • Dave and Anne Rudziensky of Grosse Isle, MI
    • 1960 White MGA
  • Kathleen Clifford of Windsor, ON
    • 1979 Carmine Red MGB
  • Jim and MaryAnn Forbes of Reese, MI
    • 1963 Red MGB
  • David and Anne Danes of Romulus, MI
    • 1973 White MGB GT
  • Ian and Joi Kempf of Imlay City, MI
    • 1979 Flame Red MGB
  • Dave Clarke of the Windsor area, ON
  • Roxanne Fontana of Wixom, MI
    • 1977 Red MGB
  • Barry Jones of Windsor, ON
    • 1978 Yellow Triumph Spitfire
  • Frank DesRosiers of Windsor, ON
    • 1977 Lt Yellow Green MGB
  • John Sullivan of Windsor, ON
    • 1980 White Triumph Spitfire
  • Cheryl Sauer of Wixom, MI
    • 1980 Orange MGB
  • James Ricca of Grosse Pointe, MI
    • 1970 BRG Jaguar E-type
    • 1979 Red MGB
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Celebrating WDMGC Anniversaries!
  • May 2017 Anniversaries
    • 25 Years
      • Brett Shelley and Shelley of Amherstburg, ON
      • Dennis Ferguson and Erika of Cedar, MI
    • 20 Years
      • Kevin Wolfe and Cheryl of Grand Blanc, MI
      • Rick Astley and Annie of Farmington Hills, MI
    • 10 Years
      • Steve White and Brooke of Belle River, ON
      • Bill Weakley and Mary Ellen of Ann Arbor, MI
    • 5 Years
      • Scott Olman and Liz Hetteberg of Royal Oak, MI
      • Richard Kyro and Virginia of Romeo, MI
      • Ken Boddy of Tecumseh, ON
  • April 2017 Anniversaries
    • 20 Years
      • Launey Pyke and of East Detroit, MI
    • 10 Years
      • Marc Weitzman and of Huntington Woods, MI
  • March 2017 Anniversaries
    • No Anniversaries this month!
    • Join this month
      and see your name in lights in 5 years!
  • February 2017 Anniversaries
    • 30 Years
      • Fran Lewis and of Waterford, MI
    • 25 Years
      • Chuck Wiley and Mary Beth, Gabrielle Alston of Monroe, MI
    • 15 Year
      • Tim Burston and Joanne of Windsor, ON
    • 5 Years
      • James Carr and of Berkley, MI
Thanks for your Continued Support!

WDMGC Website Changes

WDMGC website is making a few changes to help us stay organized with all the activities and events we have.  Here is a snapshot of some of the new changes:

  • WDMGC Year In Review
    • Our home page was getting a bit too busy. We will now start having a "Year in Review" with the last year's highlights.  The page for year 2015 is found here, and this page, and the years to come, will always be available on our menu at:
      • WDMGC Events/Activities ==> Scrolling / Year in Review ==> then Select the year.
  • WDMGC Rolling / Historical Calendar
    • It was mentioned at a meeting that it is difficult to go back in time to see calendar events. Your comments were heard, and we have a new feature. The Scrolling / Historical Mini Calendar is available here or you can always find it on our menu at:
      • WDMGC Events/Activities ==> Scrolling / Historical Calendar
    • You can select months from the past, future, or just a list from the current month forward.
  • WDMGC.com Website Stats
    • We now have the Website statistics available for anyone who is interested.
    • They are available here, or will always be available on our menu at:
      • WDMGC Business ==> Website Stats

We hope this meets your needs. Like always, let the webmaster know of any suggestions!

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