Village Workshop in Northville Tour - May 2017!

About 11 club members attended the tour of the Village Workshop in Northville on Saturday, May 27th.

  • The club tour included stops at a wide variety of the very modern machines, many of which could be a boon to anyone restoring an old car as well as helping with the household projects most of us are also required to tackle.
  • Metal projects were covered by both manual, and where applicable, CNC machines for cutting, milling, turning, drilling, bending, as well as epoxy and paint coating.
  • For woodworkers, there were not only traditional power planes, lathes and saws but also a system for laser engraving signs and emblems.
  • For those wishing to reproduce hard to find items we were shown a plastic vacuum forming machine, and a 3D camera and printer that interfaced with one another to produce exact replicas of solid objects.
  • Fabric and leather working machines were also available, again useful to both the vehicle restorer and home project enthusiast.

Our tour ended with lunch at the facility where we each enthusiastically considered what we could do should we choose to subscribe and become a member.

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