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24th Annual Alden Classic Sports Car Show 

Despite a little rain to start the day, there was  a great turnout and everyone had a wonderful time at the 24th Annual Alden Classic Sports Car Show. A lot of spectacular cars and a friendly bunch of people.

WDMGC members picked up some awards, including:

Ken Klemmer - "British Car of Distinction" for his 1930 8/33 Midget M-Type.
Lee Jacobsen - "Best in Show" for his 1939 MG TA Tickford Drophead
Lee Jacobsen - Valve-Cover Racing runner-up

Pictures submitted by John Magee

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A lot of “Thank Yous” and “Goodbyes”

- from Rick and Anne Astley

Anne and I are now in our new home state of Wisconsin where we have bought a condo just a few minutes from our eldest son’s home in the city of Brookfield and just a little over an hour from that of our youngest son’s family who live a little north of Chicago. We’re due to move in August 25th and look forward to the comfort and security of not just living much closer to family, but without the stress and hassle of having to cross Chicago to visit one another.

Our move was not without its share of sadness, especially as we had to say goodbye to so many good friends, many of 25 years+, most of whom we were privileged to have met during our 26 years with the Windsor-Detroit MG Club. We’re now going to have to seek out a new British car club knowing that, whichever it is, it can never compare to Windsor-Detroit.

We owe a big thank you to all of you that were able to attend – in torrential rain and lightning – the July meeting at Buca di Beppo at which we couldn’t have wished for a better send-off. Our special thanks too to Vicki for organizing the event and to the forever thoughtful Vince & Kelly Lacroix for supplying the cake, chocolates and banner. When we first learned of it our reaction was one of embarrassment; convinced first that we didn’t deserve such an honor and second that just a handful of people would turn up. In the end the attendance proved to be overwhelming and very humbling. Many members, who for one reason or other could not attend, have since reached out to us to say goodbye and our thanks to you all too.

A Wisconsin reunion was with our 2 British cars. Our 1970 MGB was transferred to our son here about 8 years ago and he drove our 2004 Jaguar here a few weeks ago after finagling flying back from a business trip via Detroit. There is some consolation in moving here in that the Jaguar will cost, like every other passenger vehicle, $80 per year to tax rather than nearly $400 in Michigan where it was assessed on its value when new of some $80K. Moreover, next year, upon its 20th birthday, it will be eligible for a forever $250 Collectors Plate, the only restrictions being that the owner must have a regular vehicle registered and does not drive the collector’s vehicle in January.

Our very last thank-you and goodbye go along with our best wishes to you all. Please care for and cherish the Windsor-Detroit MG Club, it well deserves it.

Rick & Anne

Gilmore Car Museum -  British Auto Faire XXXII - Mad Dogs and Englishmen

The Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners held its annual British Car event -  British Auto Faire XXXII - Mad Dogs and Englishmen -  and once again, it was a delightful event. 

Seriously, this show has to be one of the largest annual gatherings of MGBs other than the national North American MGB Registry convention.

WDMGC Members took home some awards, including Perry Zakucia, First in Class for 1962-72 MGBs; Lee Jacobsen picking up First in Class for his MG SA Tickford!

Included here is a quick handful of older MGs from Mad Dogs. I didn't take many pictures of the older cars this year for a couple of reasons, but rest assured there were just as many spectacular older MGs as ever.

MG Midgets and Austin-Healey Sprites (known collectively as "Spridgets") were the featured marque at the show. They're about as close to a street-legal go-cart as you can get. Included here is a fun handful.

Mad Dogs - MGBs as far as the eyes can see!

Pictures submitted by John Magee

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WDMGC Meeting - July 2023

It was a great turnout for the July meeting to say farewell to Rick and Anne Astley as they head off to Wisconsin to be with their family after more than 25 years of leadership in our club. There were many warm discussions, a fair bit of speechifying, and a festive cake brought by Vince and Kelly Lacroix.

Two MGBs even braved the weather despite the flood and tornado watches!
Happy trails, Rick and Anne. We’ll see you down the road.

Pictures submitted by John Magee

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WDMGC Meeting - June 2023

WDMGC June meeting saw rookies and veterans at Little Daddy's bringing their MGs on another nice night for driving.

Pictures submitted by Vicki Bade

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Matt & Vicki’s Grand Rapids Road Trip

  • Date: Sunday September 24th
  • Time: Meet at lot at 8:30am to leave by 8:45am
  • Destinations:
    • The Frank Lloyd Wright House - Grand Rapids
    • The Downtown Market

This trip is limited to the FIRST 18 folks who RSVP to Matt’s email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 586-291-8043

We are planning a road trip that will start out at the Target parking lot at the NW corner of M-59 and Old US 23, then take 2 lane roads to the Meyer May (Frank Lloyd Wright) house in downtown Grand Rapids for a tour of the house beginning at noon. 

We will have the house to ourselves for the tour and after a 30 minute movie on the history of the house they will take us in 2 groups of 10 people each on the tour. 

At 1:30pm, we will drive about 5-6 blocks west to the downtown market for lunch-they have multiple restaurants in the market, so you will have plenty of places to choose from and there are a number of small markets to choose from for shopping. 

When everyone is ready to head back home, we will go back the way we came or you can get on eastbound I-96 and take the faster route, if you prefer.

For printed details, click here for a flyer.

WDMGC Canadian Natter & Noggin - July 2023

The British (and the WDMGC) Return to Fort Meigs

Several members of WDMGC crossed into Ohio for the annual British Return to Fort Meigs car show on Sunday, June 4. Congratulations to Gary Decker & Shelley MacMillan for getting the “Award of Excellence” in their class with their 1980 MGB!
Our fearless President Vicki Bale reports that she had a splendid ride down in Fran Lewis’s MGC. In addition to our club members they also saw several of our friends from the Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan. The weather was lovely, the cars were lovely and a good time was had by all!

Pictures submitted by Vicki Bade

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WDMGC Canadian Natter & Noggin - June 2023

WDMGC and JAG Club Valve Cover Race!

WDMGC and JAG (Jaguar Affiliates Group) of Michigan headed to Lee Jacobson's "garage" for an exciting evening of Valve Cover Racing!  Enjoy this collection of pictures!!!

Pictures submitted by John Magee

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WDMGC 2023 Spring Gathering!

On Sunday, May 21, the Windsor-Detroit MG Club hosted a gathering of British cars and friends at
Camp Dearborn in Milford, Michigan. The weather was splendid — probably the best ever for the
event. The picnic lunch was even better. And the opportunity to gather in friendship after a long win-
ter was best of all!
Afterwards several members continued the fun by stopping at the monthly British Car Corral ar-
ranged by our friends with the Michigan Jaguar club at Baker’s Sunday cruise-in at Baker’s Restau-
rant in Milford. The British Car Corral happens each 3rd Sunday of the month.

Pictures submitted by John Magee

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WDMGC and JAG - Gatherings d’Elegance 2023!

Members of WDMGC joined the Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan recently for a day vistit to the Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores.  The Gathering d’Elegance included a luncheon and a guided tour.  Enjoy this collection of pictures!!!

Pictures submitted by Vicki Bade and Perry Zakucia

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WDMGC 2023 Kimber Run ... Cars, cruising, cake and comrades!

The annual Kimber run brought a crowd of MGs to lunch at Holt, Michigan!!!  Weather was nice compared to some previous snowy drives.  Enjoy this collection of pictures!!!

Pictures submitted by John Magee

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WDMGC Meeting - April 2023

An unbelievably warm and sunny April evening brought a big crowd of MGs to our Windsor-Detroit MG Club meeting at the Brass Pointe.

Pictures submitted by John Magee

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Your 2023 WDMGC Board Members!

The beginning of another year brings the chance to elect the WDMGC Board of directors. This year the voting was, once again, on-line. The board saw changes again this year.  The biggest news is Newcomer Vince LaCrouix was elected as Treasurer!  Louise Beck stepped down as Secretary (we all thank her for her time!), and John Magee has moved into filling her shoes, and taking on the role as Newsletter Editor.  Vicki Bade continues as President, Dale Brown carries on as Vice President.   Congratulations to all who participated in the voting, and we offer our support to those elected for the upcoming year. Remember, you may contact any board member for any suggestions or comments about the WDMGC. We offer a short bio on each right here.

 Vicki Bade  Dale Brown  John Magee


Vicki Bade
Dale Brown
Vice President
 John Magee
 Vince LaCroix

    Celebrating WDMGC Anniversaries!

    • September 2023 Anniversaries
      • 20 Years
        • Connie and John Flynn of Livonia, MI
    • August 2023 Anniversaries
      • 25 Years
        • Matt and Vicki Bade of Waterford, MI
    • July 2023 Anniversaries
      • 20 Years
        • Joyce Murphy and Tom and Pat of Rochester, MI
      • 15 Years
        • Russ and Marlis LaFevre of Commerce Twp, MI
    • June 2023 Anniversaries
      • 15 Years
        • Brian and Wilma Hannon of Windsor, ON
      • 5 Years
        • Alan Lockwood of East Lansing, MI
    Thanks for your Continued Support!

Welcome to our new WDMGC Members!

  • Anthony and Amelia Cipolla of Dearborn, MI
    • 1969 BRG Midget
  • Zoran Jovanovic of Windsor, ON
    • 1975 Red Triumph TR7
    • 1976 Yellow Triumph TR7
  • Kimberly Williams of Huntington Woods, MI
  • Don Adams of Windsor, ON
  • Don and Rebecca Campbell Bourne of Windsor, ON
    • 1970 Silver MGC GT
    • 1972 Yellow MGB
  • James and Kathleen Lisowski of West Bloomfield, MI
    • 1975 White MGB
  • Timothy and Wendy Hartley of Windsor, ON
  • Alison and Harry Bunker Postma of Leamington, ON
  • Lori Bowen of Marco Island, FL
  • David Marquis of Plymouth, MI
    • 1976 Orange MGB
  • Tim and Barbara Dillon of Macomb, MI
    • 1972 BRG MGB
  • Patrick McElheron of Rochester Hills, MI
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