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WDMGC Meeting - September 2022

Lots and lots of good looking cars at tonight’s Windsor-Detroit MG Club meeting. — at the Brass Pointe.

Pictures submitted by John Magee

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WDMGC Fall Color Tour

The colors are changing, and WDMGC is ready to enjoy the changing of the season.  Join your fellow club members as they enjoy one more drive before putting the LBCs away for the winter.  Click here to get the details on the Fall Color Tour!

Battle of the Brits - 2022

Thanks to rain in the morning and a forecast for a deluge later in the afternoon, it was a light turnout for the automotive side of this year's Battle of the Brits. But there was a dry window in between, so I took the MG TD over to Camp Dearborn to see what I could see. What I saw was that the cars that did show up were awfully pretty!

Story and Pictures submitted by John Magee 

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MG2022 - Peterborough Ontario

MG2022 has come and gone and it was a really fun week!

President Vicki Bade and husband Matt headed out with two others for a mini-caravan to MG2022 in Peterborough, Ontario.  The trip included the required mechanical issues, road rescues, and help from strangers!  And included a great time at the convention.  She wrote about her experience and shares it here. 

Cruise to Colorado Springs GT-47 2022

                                                                                                          - By Steve Finch

How was the trip to GT-47 in Colorado Springs? In a word –   “Epic!”

Past President Steve Finch and his wife Donna decide to take the trip from Hilton Head to GT-47 in Colorado. You can click here to read his story!

WDMGC Meeting - August 2022

Thank You ... for the wonderful turnout we had for this month's meeting at the Brass Point!! Welcome to our newest members that joined as the night began - Ken Alexander & David Brincat.   Also, nice to see Lisa Zebarah-Shears one of our new members. We met hubby Dan Urson at a previous meeting and I’m told he now has the MG bug!!! They are carrying on the family legacy. Welcome all. it was a wonderful night and perfect weather to take our cars out and about.

Pictures submitted by Vicki Bade and John Magee

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Canadian July Natter & Noggin at Parks and Rec Gastropub

Mad Dogs and Englishmen 2022

The official report from Mad Dogs and Englishmen at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners was "a great turnout" with over 350 cars.  The weather couldn’t have been better!  They even gave ballots out to the regular folk that didn’t bring a registered car. Apparently, someone looking for points brought their poodle that had been dyed purple - yikes!!!  That was certainly was an attention getter.

We our proud to pass on that we did have some of our club members among the award winners this year. Philip Wiltshire took 2nd place in the Rare Gem category - British righthand drive with his MGB GT V8. (of course, we all think it should have been 1st place, but I guess we are biased). Harry Mueller took 2nd place in the Class F MBG-C 62-72 category (another 1st place car if we ever saw one). Lee Jacobsen took 1st place in the Other British car prior to 1964 category with his lovely 1938 MG SA Tickford Drop Head Foursome. Congrats to all!!  

This is annual event for the Gilmore Car Museum n Hickory Corners.  Each year we do our best to put together a caravan to make the short trek to just past Battle Creek.  Next year, maybe you can plan to be part of the trip!

Pictures submitted by Kurt Ill 

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WDMGC Meeting - July 2022 - Brass Point

WDMGC Spring Gathering at Camp Dearborn 

Today’s Windsor-Detroit MG Club Spring gathering, a very nice turnout for a day that started cool, cloudy, and a bit drizzly. So great to see everybody, especially those of you from other clubs and those of you new to MGs!

Submitted by John Magee and Vicki Bade 

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WDMGC Fall Tour through Hines Drive 

Despite the rain Friday night and Saturday morning, Hines Drive was delightfully dry. So John Magee made the announcement to drive was on!!! This year's featured color was "green" since most of the the leaves decided to hold on for another week or two. But we still had a splendid Sunday cruise up Hines Drive and a fine cider and donut stop at Obstbaum Orchard. Come join us. (Driving photos courtesy of Monique sticking the camera up in the air and aiming it at the cars behind us, since we were in the front.)

Submitted by John Magee and Vicki Bade 

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Your 2022 WDMGC Board Members! The beginning of another year brings the chance to elect the WDMGC Board of directors. With COVID-19 still affecting our everyday life, this year the voting was, once again, on-line. The board saw a change this year with Dale Brown wearing two hats!  Dale continues be the Newsletter Editor, but also has moved over the Vice President.  Vicki Bade continues as President, Louise Beck returns as Secretary, and the buck stops with John Magee as Treasurer.  Congratulations to all who participated in the voting, and we offer our support to those elected for the upcoming year. Remember, you may contact any board member for any suggestions or comments about the WDMGC. We offer a short bio on each right here.

 vicki pres 2017  Dale Brown  louise beck  magee
Vicki Bade
Dale Brown
Vice President
 Louise Beck
 John Magee

    Celebrating WDMGC Anniversaries!

    • October 2022 Anniversaries
      • 5 Years
        • John Alexander and Carolyn King of Ann Arbor, MI
    • September 2022 Anniversaries
      • 30 Years
        • Phillip Kull and Joyce Kiebler of Monroe, MI
        • David Burstyn of Essex, ON
      • 25 Years
        • Tom Schendel of Brighton, MI
      • 20 Years
        • Richard and Sherry Dittman of Tecumseh, ON
      • 5 Years
        • Norman Barnoff and Marion Overholt of Windsor, ON
        • Eric Criteser of Detroit, MI
        • Tom and Donna Deska of Bloomfield Twp, MI
    • August 2022 Anniversaries
      • 15 Years
        • Anthony and Jennifer Viviano of Harper Woods, MI
    • July 2022 Anniversaries
      • 10 Years
        • Rick Ceresa and Judy Polite of Washington Twp, MI
    Thanks for your Continued Support!

Welcome to our new WDMGC Members!

  • Ken Alexander of Ecorse, MI
    • 1976 White MGB
  • David Brincat of Farmington Hills, MI
    • 1978 Red MGB
  • Florian and Rosemary Dutke of Birmingham, MI
    • 1977 Sandglow MGB
  • George and Janet Low of Newport, MI
    • 1972 BRG MGB
  • John and Megan Moore Nipper of South Lyon, MI
    • 1974.5 Citron Yellow MGB
  • Bill and Kathy Osburn of Canton, MI
  • Drake and Nancy Ambrosino of Ann Arbor, MI
    • 1974 Red MGB
    • 1976 Burgundy MGB
  • Jacquie and Joel Zabaldo King of Goodrich, MI
    • 1974 Blaze Red MGB
  • Dan Urson and Lisa Zebarah-Shears of Brownstown Twp, MI
    • 1978 Russet Brown MGB
  • David and Kelly Larson of Grosse Pointe, MI
    • 1972 BRG MGB
  • Perry and Evan Zakucia of Birmingham, MI
    • 1971 Red MGB
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