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WDMGC Spring Gathering at Camp Dearborn 

Today’s Windsor-Detroit MG Club Spring gathering, a very nice turnout for a day that started cool, cloudy, and a bit drizzly. So great to see everybody, especially those of you from other clubs and those of you new to MGs!

Submitted by John Magee and Vicki Bade 

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WDMGC December Meeting Helps Out Toys for Tots

The Toy HaulOur December meeting has always been one that members look forward to because in addition to our normal activities, we usually also enjoy our gift exchange. However, since we started live meetings again this year, attendance has been down to about 50% of that we have had in “normal” years and it was decided by popular agreement in November that our regular format wouldn’t be appropriate this year and that attending members would instead bring gifts, not for one another, but as donations to Toys for Tots.

Even then there was concern that with only a fraction of our normal attendance, the number of toys brought along would not amount to very many. We needn’t have worried; the generosity of everyone who came was overwhelming. With some 24 people attending, we had about 50 very high quality gifts that were delivered to the local Toys for Tots the next day.

Vicki Bade gift presentation to our regular server SarahWhen Anne Astley — who organized the drive for the club — dropped them of at the local Toys for Tots warehouse she was surprised at the gratitude expressed by the manager to all in the club for their generosity . It turns out that this year the need is greater than ever, while at the same time, the number of donated toys is far less than in previous years, so our gifts were especially appreciate.

Below you’ll find pictures of most of the meeting attendees, many adding to the spirit of the season by wearing festive hats and sweaters. The Brass Pointe has always provided us with a dedicated server, one who always seems to remember what people prefer to drink and eat and who works very hard to ensure everyone is served in a timely manner. Following tradition, Vicki had the pleasure of presenting Sarah, who’s been our server for a couple of years now, with a gift in thanks for her hard work and attention to us.

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Submitted by Rick Astley

WDMGC Fall Tour through Hines Drive 

Despite the rain Friday night and Saturday morning, Hines Drive was delightfully dry. So John Magee made the announcement to drive was on!!! This year's featured color was "green" since most of the the leaves decided to hold on for another week or two. But we still had a splendid Sunday cruise up Hines Drive and a fine cider and donut stop at Obstbaum Orchard. Come join us. (Driving photos courtesy of Monique sticking the camera up in the air and aiming it at the cars behind us, since we were in the front.)

Submitted by John Magee and Vicki Bade 

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In Memoriam Janet Anderson-Davis

We are truly sorry to have to report the loss on January 30th , from complications from cancer, of our fellow member and friend Janet Anderson-Davis.

From almost the moment they joined in May 1999, Janet and her late husband Elvin became a force in our club and were soon known to many members because of their presence at so many events and activities, their volunteering together to manage our regalia, the quizzes they devised for meetings and all the fun they brought with them when they arrived in, – first their white MGB – and later the famous all red 1980 with matching trailer.

Janet was born in Detroit in July 1954, gained her BA in political science at Michigan State and her law degree at the University of Michigan. She met Elvin in 1980 and they were married in September of 1982. Working first for an insurance company, she later became an attorney for Wayne County and was often featured in local newspapers and TV news for her participation in high profile cases, particularly those involving ballot issues.  She even oversaw our own club elections, taking her responsibility very seriously, insisting for example that candidates should show their ID, even though she may have been casually chatting to them as friends moments before!

Elvin died in September 2020 and only a few weeks later, when she was still in deep grief, Janet’s friends and family were shocked to receive an email from her with the subject line, “… And now it’s my turn”, in which she described how after feeling shortness of breath, she visited a doctor, had x–rays and was told that she, a lifetime non-smoker, had stage-4 lung cancer. Many are described as having “battled” cancer, but with Janet, it was literally the case. After doctors told her early-on that she should consider palliative care, her answer was that they were not writing her off that easily and told them to think again, sought second opinions and treatment options, and eventually went to a different hospital group.

We remember Janet as a fellow club member, loving wife to Elvin, friend, mother, grandmother, a celebrated attorney, a voracious reader and super smart lady, but did you know she was also a published poet? In her book, Dance of the Warriors, she wasn't shy to dedicate this poem to Elvin.

The first kiss
gave me that melt-in-your-mouth
sweet sugar daddy flavor
It soothed a soul aching to burst free
My ballerina legs stretched taught
I wanted more
The first kiss made me dig deep
into the sultriness of us
I cooed
And was whole

And just days before her passing, she wrote to family and friends

My mantra for today:
My name is Janet
I’m here to say
I’m a very strong lady
On this blessed day
I will stand and walk
I will do my best
From toil I won’t balk
Give God the rest

Janet is survived by 2 children and 5 grandchildren to whom we send our deepest condolences.  A Celebrations of Life of her was held February 4th at which WDMGC members were present and one of us spoke about how much she and Elvin had meant to the club.

Your 2022 WDMGC Board Members! The beginning of another year brings the chance to elect the WDMGC Board of directors. With COVID-19 still affecting our everyday life, this year the voting was, once again, on-line. The board saw a change this year with Dale Brown wearing two hats!  Dale continues be the Newsletter Editor, but also has moved over the Vice President.  Vicki Bade continues as President, Louise Beck returns as Secretary, and the buck stops with John Magee as Treasurer.  Congratulations to all who participated in the voting, and we offer our support to those elected for the upcoming year. Remember, you may contact any board member for any suggestions or comments about the WDMGC. We offer a short bio on each right here.

 vicki pres 2017  Dale Brown  louise beck  magee
Vicki Bade
Dale Brown
Vice President
 Louise Beck
 John Magee
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    Celebrating WDMGC Anniversaries!

    • August 2022 Anniversaries
      • 20 Years
        • Doug and Ailene Butcher of Milford, MI
      • 15 Years
        • Anthony and Jennifer Viviano of Harper Woods, MI
    • July 2022 Anniversaries
      • 10 Years
        • Rick Ceresa and Judy Polite of Washington Twp, MI
    • June 2022 Anniversaries
      • 20 Years
        • Andrew and Cherie Turner of LaSalle, ON
        • Jeff and Becky Branch of Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
      • 5 Years
        • Karianne Butler and Jason Lommerse of Plymouth, MI
        • Caroline Pernot of Dearborn, MI
    • May 2022 Anniversaries
      • 30 Years
        • Brett and Shelley Shelley of Amherstburg, ON
      • 25 Years
        • Kevin and Cheryl Wolfe of Grand Blanc, MI
        • Rick and Anne Astley of Farmington Hills, MI
      • 15 Years
        • Steve and Brooke White of Belle River, ON
        • Bill and Mary Ellen Weakley of Ann Arbor, MI
      • 10 Years
        • Scott Olman and Liz Hetteberg of Royal Oak, MI
    Thanks for your Continued Support!

Welcome to our new WDMGC Members!

  • Drake and Nancy Ambrosino of Ann Arbor, MI
    • 1974 Red MGB
    • 1976 Burgundy MGB
  • Jacquie and Joel Zabaldo King of Goodrich, MI
    • 1974 Blaze Red MGB
  • Dan Urson and Lisa Zebarah-Shears of Brownstown Twp, MI
    • 1978 Russet Brown MGB
  • David and Kelly Larson of Grosse Pointe, MI
    • 1972 BRG MGB
  • Perry and Evan Zakucia of Birmingham, MI
    • 1971 Red MGB
  • Vince and Kelly Lacroix of Grosse Pointe Park, MI
    • 1970 Royale Blue MGB
  • Richard Burt of South Lyon, MI
    • 1980 Bright Blue MGB
  • George and Jessica Popa of Brighton, MI
    • 1970 Burgundy MGB
  • Robert Wiedmaier and Margaret McMichael of Northville, MI
    • 1980 Black MGB
  • Patrick and Lynne Echlin of Rochester Hills, MI
    • 1980 Black MGB LE
    • 1977 Red MGB
    • [Year-TBA] Red Triumph
    • [Year-TBA] Red Triumph
  • Robb and Debbie Lippitt of Bloomfield Hills , MI
    • 1979 Orange MGB
  • Danilo and Lori Gurovich of Grosse Pointe Park, MI
    • 1973 Red MGB
    • 1959 Velocette MSS
    • 1961 Matchless G12CSR
    • 1966 Matchless 680S
  • Gary and Shelley MacMillan Decker of Ann Arbor, MI
    • 1980 Black MGB LE
  • Mark and Dawn Erickson of White Lake, MI
    • 1979 Russet Brown MGB
  • Stefan Feustel of Royal Oak, MI
    • 1975 French Blue Triumph TR6
  • Gretchen Otto of Ypsilanti, MI
    • 1972 Pale Primrose MGB
  • Richard and Maureen Thalmann of Oakland, MI
    • 1959 Black Triumph TR3A
    • 1962 Blue MGA Mark II
  • Michael and Sarah Sennett of Tecumseh, ON
    • 1979 Black MGB
    • 1979 Black MGB
  • Gayle and Charly Stefanko Brooks of Ann Arbor, MI
    • 1960 Iris Blue MGA 1600
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