WDMGC Memories

Over the years, our newsletter, The Can-Am Connection, has contained a wealth of MG histories, personal stories, technical knowledge and some fun along the way too. Some of it was topical and expected to be ephemeral when written, but much more of it has stood the test of time.

All newsletters produced since mid-2002 were in an electronic format, and are still available in our archive, however, wading through them to find the forgotten gems, and those never seen by members who have joined since that time, takes a little work. We’ve tried to do the hard graft for you by extracting what we think are the articles, which are still apropos today, into a few categories and adding a brief synopsis so that they can be browsed much more easily.

So take a look at the list below, we’re sure you’ll find something useful, interesting, funny that you’ve either forgotten or are reading for the first time.

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