Welcome to WDMGC Year in Review - 2021!

WDMGC December Meeting Helps Out Toys for Tots

The Toy HaulOur December meeting has always been one that members look forward to because in addition to our normal activities, we usually also enjoy our gift exchange. However, since we started live meetings again this year, attendance has been down to about 50% of that we have had in “normal” years and it was decided by popular agreement in November that our regular format wouldn’t be appropriate this year and that attending members would instead bring gifts, not for one another, but as donations to Toys for Tots.

Even then there was concern that with only a fraction of our normal attendance, the number of toys brought along would not amount to very many. We needn’t have worried; the generosity of everyone who came was overwhelming. With some 24 people attending, we had about 50 very high quality gifts that were delivered to the local Toys for Tots the next day.

Vicki Bade gift presentation to our regular server SarahWhen Anne Astley — who organized the drive for the club — dropped them of at the local Toys for Tots warehouse she was surprised at the gratitude expressed by the manager to all in the club for their generosity . It turns out that this year the need is greater than ever, while at the same time, the number of donated toys is far less than in previous years, so our gifts were especially appreciate.

Below you’ll find pictures of most of the meeting attendees, many adding to the spirit of the season by wearing festive hats and sweaters. The Brass Pointe has always provided us with a dedicated server, one who always seems to remember what people prefer to drink and eat and who works very hard to ensure everyone is served in a timely manner. Following tradition, Vicki had the pleasure of presenting Sarah, who’s been our server for a couple of years now, with a gift in thanks for her hard work and attention to us.

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Submitted by Rick Astley

WDMGC Fall Tour through Hines Drive 

Despite the rain Friday night and Saturday morning, Hines Drive was delightfully dry. So John Magee made the announcement to drive was on!!! This year's featured color was "green" since most of the the leaves decided to hold on for another week or two. But we still had a splendid Sunday cruise up Hines Drive and a fine cider and donut stop at Obstbaum Orchard. Come join us. (Driving photos courtesy of Monique sticking the camera up in the air and aiming it at the cars behind us, since we were in the front.)

Submitted by John Magee and Vicki Bade 

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